Hello, I’m Tiina, a product designer with over six years of experience in the field of creative technology, currently working on the design strategy at Avantra.

I grew up in the capital of Latvia, at the crossroads of Nordic and Slavic cultures. In 2008, I moved to the UK to study Visual Communications at the University of Westminster. After graduating, I spent five years working in the media industry before specialising in visual and product design.

I have experience working on all steps in the product design process from research, information architecture and task flows, through wireframing, prototyping and usability testing to user interface design and development, but it is the problem definition to solution phase where I truly flourish.

In my work, form always follows function, as I care how things work before considering how they look. I am an advocate of ethical and sustainable design and always put users' needs above profit margins.

As a product designer, I am interested in all aspects of human-computer interactions, anthropology, and behavioural psychology. As a creative, I make ink drawings, take photographs and dance West-coast swing. As an outdoorswoman, I run and hike the trails, climb rocks and swim in all seasons. As a nerd, I play and write about games, read sci-fi and learn languages; you can speak to me in English, Latvian, Russian and (some) French. Get in touch!

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Tiina Golub

Tiina Golub

Senior product designer at Avantra | Design mentor at ADPList. Passionate about inclusive design, behavioural psychology and minimalism.